Month: December 2012

Despair Speech: The song “Gloom

Averted with Herr Starr, the main villain of the Garth Ennis series Preacher: he stays straight but can’t orgasm… more


West spent much of the late 1990s producing records for a number of well known artists and music groups.[28] The… more

If your device is defective, the company either repair or

Grasp a firm, unwavering belief that the Universe is working for you. And if you’re struggling with making decisions, start… more

Battle of the Labyrinth: King Minos and Kronos himself

Expy: Standish is very similar to Colonel Ackerson, from the Halo tie in novels. Famous, Famous, Fictional: When the SPDR… more

“That project eventually turned into

Been very successful over the last four years, and we had a lot of talent, Rice Lake coach Kevin Orr… more

It tells the story of mortals who assume various immortal

Incarnations of Immortality is an eight book fantasy series by Piers Anthony. It tells the story of mortals who assume… more

He even has a go at one of his concubines when he’s

Also including a number of other important characters from an another family, as well as many a Historical Domain Character… more

It is like saying that since the serpent

Ax Crazy: Relentless Dead of the “Dark Wrath” variety are little more than berserk killers. Badass Bookworm: The Rosicrucian Marchers.… more

Appearing on the cover of an issue (or possibly having one’s

Megan, Jennifer’s mother, is even worse than her daughter. Coconut Superpowers: Due to the series’ low budget, most of the… more

No matter the geography, our minds were on the same road

You’re never alone when reading. Pick out a new book or a cherished favorite at your library or local bookstore.… more