Month: February 2013

She grabs her chest and says “somewhere safe”

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Resources are rarely pooled for innovation

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“Clearly the more you are able to lie back, the better. So the further up the aircraft that you go… more

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All while Sena could do nothing but watch. No wonder she hates her dad. Government Conspiracy: While it turns out… more

Superman and Lois only make up in the end

Crimefighting with Cash: Meteoro Sexual pays thieves to let him catch them. Criminal Doppelgnger: C L is this to C… more

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Yar herself can bring up a rainbow shield to restore her health, though it has limited energy. Also, the Ankine… more

Before Evangelion the vast majority of TV Anime were either

Another Bootleg Zone toy got a perfect 10 based on its name alone: Motorcycle The Pooh. Ax Crazy: Especially… more

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The year 2008 was one of consolidation. Fully cognisant of the fact that some of those in top leadership who… more