Month: March 2013

Mood Whiplash: Goes rather quickly from an action comedy

Unusually Uninteresting Sight: The cafe’s patrons are quick to enjoy having Hana and Tsugumori around. Gen even manages to charge… more

Victoria has Blanche’s vanity and self centered nature while

Melanie is the hardest to compare, although she does tend to be a rather sweet and naive Rose type at… more

Was taking all those handwritten documents and making it fast

Spite of my unpleasant mood, I was impressed, Calvert wrote later. Showed no resentment at somewhat disrespectful treatment. He began… more

Macho sitting on the couch, scratching his groin, has had a

Most people using duffel bags want their items to stay relatively secure and are therefore better off looking for zippered… more

I had expected it to be a bit more hipsterishly self aware and

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It is so “casualised” that most people suffering from anxiety

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So, it is very important to make sure that you are aware of

Local Town: You might have seen some hip scarves in some variety shops in your local area. There is… more

I have a new outlook on life; yes people will stare at your

You might think this is cheating because technically you’re not staying awake “all night”. I would suggest you give it… more

You no doubt received e mail messages offering e mail lists

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‘ Stone sent the Gekko character to jail

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