Month: July 2013

” is uttered at least twice in nearly every episode

Word of God describes the way Og speech is written as a mix between child speak (containing frequent grammar mistakes)… more

And the Barbie Dreamhouse 2013 is looking good

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Oh, and he’s the goddamn Santa Claus

It adds to the surrealism of that video. “On the Floor Take Three”, feature multiple versions of herself dancing or… more

It’s also stated that while Sawirlu earned his rank honestly

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She has graced the covers of several other prominent magazines

[Matt sent her a glare from behind his dark glasses, though the corner of his mouth curved up almost imperceptibly.… more

Repetition is one of the key design principles

My own wedding reception was a pot luck luncheon. My mother provided the sandwich rolls, sliced meat and cheeses, and… more

Few people realize how important a painless shoulder is to

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My poor parents! With pandora jewelry store

CORRECTS NAME AND BREED OF DOG Fraiser, a 2 year old dachshund is groomed backstage during the 134th Westminster Kennel… more

I admit that sometimes it is warranted when all avenues have

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