Month: September 2013

The only brightly lit scenes are when the doctors perform

Live Album: The original idea, with the band rehearsing and recording their new songs live. The sniping and tension within… more

He gets better once he gets to Sanctuary

The Ice Truck Killer from season one is an example, as well as Trinity, until Dexter discovers that his normal… more

When director Terry Gilliam picks a project

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REVEALED: Lesbian couple murdered alongside their two

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Common builds let him exploit the high risk

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By identifying the mechanism that allows hair to ‘talk’ to each

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My fianc knows me really well and he knows that although I

United not only expect big trophies, they also expect to win with style and it was more workmanlike at the… more

Il la rendra tellement malheureuse[11] que

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G’nY (Geography and You) A semi scientific research based

Being an emotional audience, Indians relate to films at a very personal level and the world of entertainment play a… more

Abraham Lincoln coined the word neologize

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