Month: October 2013

Break Up Song: “Yesterday” and “If You Go Away” both feature a

Anime Theme Song: The anime has two openings, “7 O’Clock News” by Tokio and “Ultra Relax” by Tomoe Shinohara. “7… more

South Africa was a Cold War ally

dawlish cheeky monkey’s homebased childcare Fingerlings Monkey Located on First Avenue South in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square neighborhood, features local… more

‘By the time I got through it was too late': US chatroom

India’s economy is expected to grow more than 7 percent this year, one of the fastest rates in the world,… more

Applicants must have a York County business license that has

Allen retired the Hopkinson’s extended. The next shop up, on the corner of Ashgate Road was a men’s outfitter the… more

You’ve got to work hard and support yourself

“[My mother] instilled in our minds that you are not to go on welfare. You’ve got to work hard and… more

Ultraman Zero, Okabe and Tamaki are really hammy most of the

Ends up being an inversion, as Dennis claims all his great feats were either lucky guesses or just bluffs. Adam… more

The sentiments are natural, the imagery is apt and redolent of

replica hermes bags I most definitely a Barack supporter (despite recent anti Indian weirdness) but I like Hilary best when… more

Ascended Meme: The leaked version of “See Me Now” (a bonus

Insurmountable Waist Height Fence: Averted; you can jump over walls and objects that are about chest high, but there are… more

Dave thinks he’s going to need plenty of sunscreen for those

court braces for asbestos trial filled with logistical problems 8 cheap yeezy uk I’m a girl from the hood. I… more

It might have been a Sequel Hook, but we’ll never know

Steam Punk: The game mainly consists of this, from time machines to steam powered robots. Sudden Downer Ending: In the… more