Month: February 2014

Dogs Are Dumb: Subverted with the Dog Guild

One late manga story and OAV story has an “Evil Oni” which gains power by possessing people and making them… more

However, aside from the format in which you display those

When thinking about how you lay out your content, blog content should definitely be a focal point. However, aside from… more

Want to give your watch a face lift but don’t want to purchase

The Chapter might lose us and the Imperium might never know we existed, but the Enemy the Enemy will know.… more

However, it was stolen by an evil force called the Morah, and

Ax Crazy: Averted. Lincoln’s Roaring Rampage of Revenge is cool, calm and methodical, and also kept secret from anyone but… more

Zeerust: The 1959 children’s drawings of the year 2009

The first two parts of the armor aren’t so bad to obtain (you can get the helmet by playing Strip… more

We assumed that asymmetry in the lower right hand corner of

One may need to deal with the anxiety associated with changing, to reconcile the conflicts within your value system, to… more

0 litre turbo features nine speakers and a seven inch haptic

They were a Muslim military family trying to fit in with those around them. 11, 2001. When Pakistani friends sent… more

” Money Multiplier: At the end of each level there is a game

Part of why he’s Blessed with Suck. Bittersweet Ending: Talk to Ringo about this. Blessed with Suck: John and Paul.… more

Unfortunately, Dwight’s Trouble doesn’t fall under that

Kind of justified, in that it is harder to activate some Troubles if you don’t know about them, like the… more

Anyways, it’s not just China and not just cosmetics

Remember to keep sharp objects away from leather seats, such as car keys, pens, and even credit cards. Soft leather… more