Apoorv tells about his internship at BHEL!

Apoorv Toppo, a Mechanical Engineer from Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati shares experience about his internship in BHEL Power


 About the internship:

I did my internship under BHEL Power sector in the summer of 2014, for which I spent 2 months in Jaypee Power’s facility near Bina, Madhya Pradesh. It was a 2×250 MW Thermal power plant, constructed by BHEL, and in commissioning phase by the time I arrived. Over the next 2 months, I gained valuable insight into the erection, commissioning processes of Boiler, Turbine and its auxiliaries, and other plant auxiliaries.

Why this internship:

Going into the summer at the end of my pre-final year, I was quite unsure of my bearings. Though, by practice, I was expected to do internship in industries related to Mechanical engineering (this was what my department preferred), there were other factors to consider too. With the placement season looming in the coming winter, there were some standard ideas about where certain internships landed you. Between a technical and a non-technical internship, the latter was disadvantageous in case of core firms, while even with a technical one, your chances were still fine with non-core firms (mainly analytics). It seemed a safe bet back then.

About the experience:

Barring the harsh conditions on site, the experience was fulfilling in terms of what I learned. There could hardly be any place better than a power plant for a mechanical engineer to witness all that he knows in theory, so to that end I was satisfied. But, by the end of it, I was sure I didn’t want to foray into this domain eventually as a career. Not going into the reasons, it shall suffice to say that the experience anyhow helped me during my placements.


Apart from the technical knowledge, I learnt something best described by this quote by Amy Poehler- “Great people do things before they are ready”

It’s okay to do things that don’t fall in line with your path; at first, that is. Trying, and discovering it to be not your thing is equally a valuable lesson. At least, you know something about yourself now (sic).

Ps. Omit ‘Great’. In my case, that is.


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