“Building my church on this Rock”

Saurabh Raval from, tells about how he wants to make his career forward by interning as Business Analyst @ Stimulus Consultancy

About Saurabh:

My name is Saurabh Raval and I’m an IT engineer. I was among those who came into engineering without any specific goal. Based on my interest in computers, I decided to make my career in Information Technology. With such a vague goal I was half way through my engineering. But gradually when I started exploring things happening around in IT industry, I started to incline towards Databases. By the time I was done with engineering, my indecisive, frivolous, and careless nature evolved into a whole new different entity with a sense of responsibility with a goal to be a Business Intelligence (BI) Consultant.

Reason for internship:

In order to reach the goal I set, I started learning Oracle with the thought that, having the knowledge of two major RDBMS would boost my career. Simultaneously, I was also studying the market trend; which technology was booming, people with what skills were progressing and so on. At the end I witnessed that people with both technical and business management skills were progressing swiftly compared to guys with only technical skills.

So I decided to gain business management skills as well along with technical ones. And I intensively started looking for opportunities where I could fulfil my requirements. That’s when I encountered Interestship. At the first look itself, the concept of Interestship was significantly influential.

Kind of internship I was looking for:

As I had to gain business management skills, I was looking for an internship in which would cater to my need. As soon as Interestship presented with an opportunity for Business Analyst at Stimulus Consultancy, I instantly applied for it. And I was really hoping to get a positive response from the employer.

How did I encounter Interestship:

One day when I was searching on the web for internship opportunities in Ahmedabad, I randomly came across the website of Interestship. The look and feel feature of the site was pretty amazing. At first, to be honest, I was cynical and yet I registered my profile with the thought, “Let’s try at least!”

Interview Experience:

After apply for Business Analyst internship at Stimulus Consultancy, I was desperately waiting to get a response. But when I didn’t receive any response for 5-6 days, my cynical side seemed true. Still I didn’t lose hope and decided to drop an email asking for the issue.

And shockingly; more than surprising, I received an email in response that my interview for the internship I applied for, was set for the next day. At first, I couldn’t believe it and I literally read the email twice to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

Next day, I came for the interview as scheduled. I was a bit nervous and excited at the same time. There I met Mr. Sneh Bhavsar, the Co-Founder of Stimulus Consultancy, who was going to take my interview. I really thought the interview would be very technical, so I came prepared with related technical stuff.

And again, shockingly, more than surprising, all Mr. Sneh did was ask me about myself, my dreams, my goals, and then he introduce himself, his company, explained the responsibilities of Business Analyst. He also asked what I was looking for in this internship which I explained him at a great length. In like half and an hour, the interview got over. And he told me I could join right from the next day.

What am I looking forward to in this internship?

It has been only 20-22 days since I started the internship, I have already learned a lot many things; few of them I never knew that even existed. So far it has been a great journey, a journey where my mentors guide me, teach me, and help me when I’m stuck. I wish the clock would just stop ticking where it is right now.

I’m really looking forward to build my church on this rock; make a long-term relation with Stimulus and Interestship.

Readers, tell you can ask any questions to Saurabh, by commenting here and if you are also looking for building your church, checkout internship opportunities matching your interests over here.

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