Designing an internship program for your company

An internship program is a best way to get smart and hungry people who are eager to learn and help your business grow. Some companies consider interns as a burden, but recruiting the right intern at right time can have long-term benefits for your organizations and especially startups!

To get the best out of it, its very essential to design an internship program.

Following are the important points that you should consider:

1.  Plan the internship

Interns don’t want to waste their time with an unorganized/unplanned internship experience. Before creating your internship opening, you need to make sure what exactly the internship will involve. Goals, efforts required and hence the time lines need to be defined.

2. Paid or Unpaid Internship doesn’t matter. Give them meaningful work

Internship doesn’t mean that you give the basic duties of getting tea/coffee for you! Ask yourself what will the interns gain from the experience at your company(Interns might be expecting a work ex. or practical knowledge or enhancing their skills for their job placement). Make them a part of something BIG, that you are building and they can show it to their potential employer. You need to tell them how valuable this internship opportunity is!

3. Offer, which they cannot learn in a class

Internship should serve as an exploration and an educational experience that train young minds! Don’t forget to include mentoring & learning benefits they will get during the internship

4. Help them, help you

An intern is there to learn from you. So set aside some time to check in and see how everything is going in addition to daily routine.

5. Costing! Can your company/startup afford it??

Even though you dont pay an intern, but the internship adds to the cost of the company.

Hiring Intern, Training and Managing all incur costs. Don’t jump start a new program, without checking you company budget.


By taking some time to design an internship program you can get high-value, low-cost talent with fresh perspective who can also be your future employees. So plan it well.