How on earth do we get a perfect intersection of all these circles? How do we merge all of them into one single set?

Quite relative situation, considering the case of most of the U.G. students. ‘Monetizing’ from the things you are good at as well as like to do, along with your parents’ satisfaction, is a rare scenario!


How to tackle (A 5 step solution):


  • Admit it, it takes a lot to move away from your domain and monetize from what you like to do.

Not easy it is to deviate from what you have been taught since your life. But again, not everything has to be taught, start learning what you like to right from now! It’s never too late for anything! And make sure you are good at what you like by intense learning and dedication! After all at least 10 years down the line, you surely don’t want to see yourself doing anything under pressure!


  • It’s no wrong venturing what you like to do, at any point of time in your life.

Be it painting, surfing, volleyball, martial arts, coding, orating, every domain has a future. You can earn out of any of these, given that you don’t only like it, but you also know how to do it in the best possible way. So, give yourself a good time to learn and venture around the same.


  • If you ready to give all that it takes, Bingo!

Go for it then. But also alongside, be the best at what you might be good at. It’s not facile to divide the time between two: Learning what you like to do, Enhancing the skills that you are good at. But if you really think you are passionate about your interest, in no time you will be attain a balance of both. Good things never come easy and quick. Just stick to your will!


  • Once you are best and not just good at your thing, money flows, making it your mean time ‘realistic occupation’.

Once you are done with your college, comes the high time when you need to earn your own bread. While you are still venturing about the things that you really looking forward to, start enhancing your expertise and skills in the field that you are already good at, in order to survive that period. Treat the alternate earning as the base that you need to create before diving into the pool of your liked domain.


  • As far as you are monetizing good out of any thing under the sky, parents are less likely to object your choices.

No one really bothers to question your profession, unless you are earning quite well out of the same. Just sustain for time being from what you are good at. Your income portrays your stability to the society, and that’s what majorly the parents are concerned about. Once you are well off with your liked domain and plan to switch, the shift in your so called ‘social status’ will not be of great notice.   


If you really like to do something, there shall be second thoughts until you achieve a perfect intersection :)

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