Follow your Interest, follow yourself

“Life is too short to not do what you really like to, to not live the way you actually want to, to not follow your choice…” Good to hear, hard to implement.
Big world it is, consisting of huge number of domains, large number of occupations. It has enough for everyone’s need, need in terms of likes, in terms of options, in terms of following one’s interest. But if it’s so, why is everything so unnoticed? Turn around and you will see hundreds of people breathing, but not living. They know how to survive, but not how to live. They know what to do, but not what they wish to do.

“Society”, “security”, “career” quite heavy words these are. People are so engrossed in the impact of these words that they are losing the touch of their own wishes, likes, interest. We study not to grow, but to get a job. We get a job not to learn, but to earn. We earn not to spend, but to save. We save to have a secure and certain future ahead. But what’s the use of saving in such a way when each second of our life is uncertain? Save memories rather, which could help you to live with satisfaction. Satisfaction of living life in your best possible way, satisfaction of doing what you always wanted to, satisfaction of following your interest, of following yourself. Because none else than you can know you better..!