Getting started on my internship search

Hey reader!

Chilling out this summer vacation? A much needed break, isn’t it? Ya! I definitely agree that being a first year student, I had no real burden like some of my seniors had. I was a lazy bum in school but past one year, a lot of things in me have changed. Not that I have topped in every subject obviously, but at least I have understood that having a real-life experience in what you actually love is equally important as your college curriculum is.

Many of us, including me have, at some point in their lives realized that education and knowledge comes from experience. Gone are the days when we did activities just for passing our time. We are adults, not kids anymore. What experience are we getting out of chatting and gossiping all day long and not getting serious about our lives? I am not someone great; I am just an engineering student getting average marks in the college struggling to get an A! I am someone like you. Realizing that engineering won’t take me so far, I started looking for fields of my interest.

My interest is mainly creative writing and communication. Knowing that I am an engineering student, all I could think of doing right now was an Internship! This is one of those searches that will get on your nerves. I am absolutely not talking about Google searches; I am talking about finding an internship in something I love doing.

Pursuing the same, I had many questions in my mind. How long will the internship last? Where will I work and with whom? How will I apply? Will I get paid? Whenever I asked my seniors about having an internship, all they would say is “You need to have a strong CV”, “You have to work a lot” and “You get to learn a lot”. Some also advised about going for an internship where you get stipend or certificate, where you get proper learning or where you have a reference. For me, stipend was not on the top of the list neither was the reference. Back home, my Pa told me to join computer classes saying you need more practice on that. Who wants to work in summers? At least let me break-free this time. The next challenge was, if not computer classes then where to go and work? What internship to do? Fortunately, an email popped up on my mailbox ‘Need for an Intern at VentureStudio, Ahmedabad’ sent by my college head. All I had to do was to send my CV and a letter describing my interest in content writing and communication. I didn’t even know how to make a CV, I was a beginner. Like many people on their first internship, I too was clueless about the place and its people! I only knew that I wanted to go for it. I banged it and now I am an intern here for two months. Well, it’s all about grabbing an opportunity and turning it into success!

Working at VentureStudio for more than 15 days, I realized that internship is all about getting practical experience, creating job opportunities, earning academic credits and building self-confidence. All I want to tell you guys is having fun internships is not tough; you have to be passionate about what you do. So look up from your busy lives and find the course that actually makes you happy. Who knows? You might also have an awesome journey of searching an internship just like I had!

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