How internship changed my life?

I was always in a search of a place where I could do what I actually like to, all the time. Wanted to have an exposure, learn many new things, interact with all sorts of people, wanted to have a new life with a new day. And it all happened when I started interning.

Quite surprising it was when I got to know that interning was possible just after completing the first year of the college. I learnt that passion was all that I needed, because skills develop with passion. It helped me groom the way I desired to. There is now no familiarity with the words like “boredom”, “tiredness”. Life feels alive now, because when you do what you really want to, you start knowing yourself more.

It has been a platform to explore my life my way, to know my interests, to shape all the uncertainties that ever prevailed. An unforgettable experience it gotta be.