I had no idea, I was literally clueless and confused

Pearl Shah from H L Institute of Commerce,  shares her internship experience at Start51.

2-3 Lines about you :

Hi I am Pearl Shah, and I am 20 years old. I just finished my graduation from HLIC. Basically i love to experience new things. In fact doing the same thing for a long time bores me. I love spending quality time with my close friends and family, i mean that’s a must part of the day. I also talk a lot.:P

What inspired/motivated you to do an internship this summer?

Okay so here’s the thing. Basically i had no idea what i wanted to do after my graduation. I was literally clueless and confused. Then i heard about our college doing some internship program and i was like okay let me give it a try. I didn’t take it seriously first. Just filled the form with a couple of friends. And then one thing lead to another and tadaa I bagged an internship already.:P So, using my spare time to learn something new(specially about start ups) is what actually motivated me to go forward with the internship.

What kind of internship were you looking for?

Umm, actually I thought about this question only when i was asked in the internship form. I mean i didn’t have any particular domain in mind until then. But then i saw the options and saw working with startup. So that interested me. I have always been keen to know how a company is set up and what are the actual problems one faces while setting up a company all from ground level. And when i got an opportunity to Intern at a start up i took it right away.

How was your interview experience?

Haha!! When i got an email saying that i had an interview scheduled, i was cool about it. But when the day came i was very nervous.I had never given an interview before in my life. So, it being my first interview you can imagine how nervous and confused one can be. I went to Start51 and met Mr. Ateet Bajaj,the owner. So, there i was sitting ready for all professional and educational questions, and very coolly he starts by introducing himself and the company.First he explained me what his company actually does and what actually is crowd funding, what are his future plans, etc. Then he asked some basic questions about me. And we even chatted a bit on HL, as he himself was an HLIC student. He made me very comfortable.(Even though i forgot my CV, who forgets that for an interview?:P) And at the end he asked when would i like to join and i was like wow i got it already? So, yeah it was a very nice experience. A positive first experience!!:D

What are you looking forward to in this internship?

As i mentioned i love to learn new things. So, I am. I am working at Start51 and it is based on a very fresh concept(in India). Crowd funding is not very common concept. It is kind of fresh here in India. And that’s what intrigues me. That what this concept can do if people are made aware about it. I am learning so many new things and meeting new people. I am looking forward to know more about the same and meet new people, who have made innovative projects that can make life easier and better.

Impact on you after doing this internship?

Well, this internship surely has had a very positive impact on me. I am learning so many different things. I mean who knew i could make good graphics? I learnt it there. Besides i look forward to go to work every morning, and i think that is a great thing. I have become much more organized and less lazy!:P The work environment is so friendly that it feels like i have been there since months.

The most memorable moment on internship :

The most memorable moment till now is when i learned how to use Photoshop and make graphics!! At first it looked difficult to use and then a senior of mine taught me how to use it and i was like wow now i can make basic graphics. how cool?:D

That day was very memorable as i got to learn something new and i absolutely loved it.


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