Imagine doing things you love and the feel you get doing so….

Mohammad Irshad Ansari from IIT-KGP (Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur) , shares his internship experience at Vasant Groups.

2-3 Lines about you :

Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Mohammad Irshad Ansari. I am currently a third year undergraduate student of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering enrolled in the dual degree course of Indian Institute of technology, Kharagpur and an internee at Vasant Group, Ahmedabad.

What inspired/motivated you to do an internship this summer and what kind of internship were you looking for?
As our institute offers a long summer vacation of about two and a half months, I decided to utilize this vacation to test my academic skills i have acquired in my stay at IIT KGP in my two years of stay and applied for an internship particularly looking for an internship opportunity in supply chain management.
How was your interview experience?
I like many other students applied at many sites like Intenshala, letmeintern, etc but could not get an intern of my choice until I applied at Interestship. Interestship arranged me for an interview at Vasant Group, Ahmedabad. At the interview, I had to give a presentation on “Uber vs OlaCabs : Who would win the Indian Market?” and answer questions related to the presentation. It went pretty well and I was offered an internship.
Impact on you after doing this internship?
The experience so far has been phenomenal so far. Imagine doing things you love and the feel you get doing so. That is what I got by waiting for the right internship opportunity of my interest all thanks to Interestship.

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