It is important to do at-least one “Sales Internship” in someone else’s company – Shruti Chaturvedi

Shruti Chaturvedi is a story teller at ChaaiPaani. A graduate in Psychology from St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad, she has worked in companies/communities including HR Milestone Forum, Teach for India, Sandesh, AIESEC, Coca-Cola, Social Udaan, Dextern Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

She was part of the Jagriti Yatra 2015 and has many experiences to share about his travel to various places across India.

Today she tells us why is it important to do at-least one “Sales Internship” in someone else’s company! Here’s what she has to say!

My first internship during college was technically called a ‘marketing and sales’ internship but it was nothing as fancy as it looks on my LinkedIn.

For the first 20 days I was made to write, design and distribute pamphlets outside business parks, stick them everywhere I could, do door-to-door selling, give demos, make around 30-40 cold calls in a day and (the most dignified one) hand over print outs to employees on desks & cabins from the printing machine in another corner of the office.

The company paid me a stipend of Rs. 700, however, what it taught me was something that no number of books can. It taught me things that are helping me a lotttt today – personally and professionally.

It introduced me to some super important things like taking rejections, being looked down on, being howled on and warned to never call back again. It taught me how to face insults head-on (for selling someone else’s product) and move on with same enthusiasm to annoy the next target. I taught me how to get shit done without using dad’s reference, because no one would give a damn anyways.

I would see people crumple and throw pamphlets that had my words and hours of thought for design and ‘strategy’ (which I fancied calling it) right in front of my eyes. An emotion called hope would tell me to keep standing there, smiling at people passing by and handing them over the pamphlets, expecting atleast ONE lead after all this.

I had my first customer after around 14 days and then, everything seemed worth it. It taught me patience. It was MY contribution to the someone’s vision which I suddenly felt I belonged to. It was suddenly more than Rs. 700.

Here’s to my first ‘sales’ internship that made me thick-skinned (literally and figuratively), shameless, stubborn and annoying as hell. :D
To all who are yet to experience this, go ahead and do atleast one sales internship/job in someone else’s company. Worth it.


Thanks Shruti for your insights!Source: Facebook

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