Phew (Image: Onoky) We’ve all been told that to keep our teeth

Are you damaging your teeth with these every day foods?We all know sweets are bad for our teeth, but you might be unknowingly snacking on other foods that are harming your pearly whites15:46, 29 NOV 2017Updated15:51, 29 NOV 2017Kiwis are good though. Phew (Image: Onoky) We’ve all been told that to keep our teeth pearly white and healthy, we need to avoid things like strong cups of tea, coffee and red wine but, according to celebrity dentist Dr Richard Marques from Wimpole Street Dental, who has looked after the smiles of Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw, there are other foods that can cause just as much staining and damage to tooth enamel.From dried fruit to bread and crisps, these are the lesser known evils in your bid to banish the yellowingPopcorn It might seem like a healthy snack option, but popcorn isn’t the best choice for your teeth. ‘It can get stick in the spaces between them causing a buildup of plaque,’ says Dr Marques.

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