Placement Myth Busters !!

Nonprofit Internships are often overlooked as an excellent way to gain transferable skills and work on substantive projects that you can own. Let’s debunk some of the common myths about interning with a nonprofit:


Myth #1: Having a “big name” company on my resume is the best way to get a job when I graduate.

Reality:  While interning with a top company will certainly get the attention of prospective employers, at the end of the day, they are more interested in what you have actually accomplished. Your past performance is the best indicator of the value you can bring to a prospective employer. Because many nonprofits have limited human and financial resources, interns are often able to manage major projects that communicate a high level of responsibility on resumes.

Another benefit to consider is that interns in nonprofits often have the opportunity to interact with board members, some of whom might have influential leadership positions in corporations and can help you expand your network. Opening your internship search to nonprofit organizations might benefit you in ways you never expected.


Myth #2: Interning with a nonprofit means that I will be working for free.

Reality: While a number of nonprofits do not have the resources to pay volunteer intern, internship offices are seeing a trend in more nonprofits offering hourly wages or stipends to their interns. In part, nonprofits are building internships into their budgets as they realize the value that interns can bring. In addition, many nonprofits are able to use grant funding to hire interns for special projects.


A frequently overlooked benefit to interning with a nonprofit is the opportunity to be part of an organization that has social impact. Imagine the potential rewards of interning for an organization that measures its bottom line not just on its financial impact, but also on the impact it has on society.


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