Pull the Leo

Yep, you read it. I am using the name of the academy award winner Leonardo DiCaprio as a verb and why shouldn’t I? He gave the world not only a blast of joy and happiness by breaking the jinx of not winning an Oscar for being such an awesome actor, but also showed perseverance and diligence in what he does.

I’m pretty sure when you all got the news of Leonardo winning an Oscar through facebook or any social network, you must be very happy. And the first thing you did was to post about it as your status or share the post of his acceptance speech or a meme and you must be feeling like a boss getting all those likes from your friends. Well, I’m here to tell you to shut it off now! The likes don’t matter! What you need to do is to take something from his most awaited success and use it in your life to achieve your goals and dreams. Here are some things I have learned from Leonardo and you can use them to pull the Leo in your life:

  1. Do the work.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been working in the Hollywood for more than 25 years now. He even landed roles when he was a kid. But, he originally started out working in television commercials and doing small recurring roles in soap operas. Year after year, through his hard work he landed roles in movies, then in major movies like “titanic” “inception “wolf of wall street” “the great Gatsby” and so on. Look at him now! He did films, small and large and landed Oscar nominations. He didn’t get them right away! What you should learn from it is that you have to start from the bottom to get to the top. So, if you want your dream internship or job, you have to start from the base of the company or industry. You have to do the daily work day in day out to get where you want to be. So when you’re done watching all of the Leonardo’s movies, start working on your dream! Start from where you are! You will be there one day.


  1. Always give your best.

Leo has received 6 Oscar nominations all through his life. Every time when he gets nominated, we all used to have high expectations that this time he will win. But that didn’t happen. Many times in life we give up on things just because we don’t see the results we wanted and then rant about it to the world “I always give my best but nobody appreciates my efforts. Maybe I shouldn’t even do this anymore. What’s the point of it?” Well, if Leonardo had thought that way, we wouldn’t have got the revolutionary entertaining movies that we watch in our laptops after hours of waiting to get it downloaded from torrent. (It’s always so worth it.) After every year of no awards, he still gave stellar performances in his movies. So in your life, when you don’t see things looking up for you, don’t give up. Instead, double your efforts and give your best. It will be all worth it and will be a much better feeling that finally getting that Leo movie downloaded.


  1. Take the “little-large” things seriously.

That beautiful moment when Julianne Moore announced Leonardo Dicaprio as the winner for the best actor, it was a big moment. A moment which was (finally) just about him. He could have forgotten everything and given a speech about how he has always been a deserved winner and his great acting skills have finally paid him off. But even in this big moment of his life, he showed his care for the environment. One could forget the environment for a moment like this. One could forget the environment when you get a bonus in Diwali and use that bonus to buy crackers for your niece and nephew! But he took the moment to make millions of people aware to make this world a better place. What you can get from that is to always be mindful and aware of little things which can make the world a better place. He even said to stop procrastinating and work collectively to end the threat which is called the climate change. Like he said, he didn’t take the night for granted.


So, now that you got a new perspective towards a well deserved winner, shut your phone and laptop off, stop grumbling about the world being a mean place and start working towards your dreams. Make them a reality. Get that dream internship or job. Do something to make the world a better place. Watching funny you tube videos or sharing memes in facebook ain’t helping you. Pull the Leo now!

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