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WISHING   HIM  A  POST  HAPPY  TEACHER’S  DAY  –  a talk  with  Deep Patel,CEO , InterestShip

As I lie on  my  bed  gorging  on  memories , ‘INTERESTSHIP’  happens  to  be  one  of  my  fondest. 3 months… more

Saurabh Raval

“Building my church on this Rock”

Saurabh Raval from, tells about how he wants to make his career forward by interning as Business Analyst @ Stimulus Consultancy… more


Why should you intern at a startup ?

Startups the buzz word in the town these days, ever wondered hows it different from MNCs! Internship in a startup can… more

Internship Program

Designing an internship program for your company

An internship program is a best way to get smart and hungry people who are eager to learn and help… more