WISHING   HIM  A  POST  HAPPY  TEACHER’S  DAY  –  a talk  with  Deep Patel,CEO , InterestShip

As I lie on  my  bed  gorging  on  memories , ‘INTERESTSHIP’  happens  to  be  one  of  my  fondest. 3 months… more

Companies to Intern

Hottest IT & Computers internships of the Month | From 4Dea, LetsGetIt, WhitePanda and many more Start-ups in Ahmedabad.

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Only knowing how to do the job is not sufficient to survive in the market !!

Abhishek Jadav shares his original use of viagra experience of his running internship at Yoloperks a startup incubated at icreate.… more

Aneri Sheth

Getting started on my internship search

Hey reader! Chilling out this summer vacation? A much needed break, isn’t it? Ya! I definitely agree that being a… more


Prajwal shares his internship experience at India Innovation Labs

Hello readers!     Today in internship stories we bring to you internship experience of Prajwal P, who is our co-founder and… more