WISHING   HIM  A  POST  HAPPY  TEACHER’S  DAY  –  a talk  with  Deep Patel,CEO , InterestShip

As I lie on  my  bed  gorging  on  memories , ‘INTERESTSHIP’  happens  to  be  one  of  my  fondest. 3 months… more

Leonardo DiCaprio

Pull the Leo

Yep, you read it. I am using the name of the academy award winner Leonardo DiCaprio as a verb and… more


It is important to do at-least one “Sales Internship” in someone else’s company – Shruti Chaturvedi

Shruti Chaturvedi is a story teller at ChaaiPaani. A graduate in Psychology from St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad, she has worked in companies/communities including HR Milestone… more


Top 5 winter internship opporunities in Marketing in Ahmedabad

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Saurabh Raval

“Building my church on this Rock”

Saurabh Raval from, tells about how he wants to make his career forward by interning as Business Analyst @ Stimulus Consultancy… more


Why should you intern at a startup ?

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Only knowing how to do the job is not sufficient to survive in the market !!

Abhishek Jadav shares his original use of viagra experience of his running internship at Yoloperks a startup incubated at icreate.… more


Top 5 reasons you MUST go for Internship during your college life !!!

College Life! Its more than just lectures, books and exam. Its the beginning of freedom and self discovery. Its about exploring new… more

Internship Program

Designing an internship program for your company

An internship program is a best way to get smart and hungry people who are eager to learn and help… more


Startup InterestShip Program – July 2014

Startup InterestShip Program – July 2014, is a joint effort by GTU Innovation Council & InterestShip Through this program we… more