The Masochism Tango: Kouji and Izumi’s Masochism Tango is more

We need not rely on generalities Dr. Parkinson has a record relevant to supervision that we can evaluate. The most revealing aspects of that record fall into three categories. Rush toward her instead of shooting her. Brought Down to Badass: Even after Mari separates him from the totem, Eshu still put’s up a formidable fight against her. Under water, no less.

Fake Bags Invisible to Adults: Subverted; while the general rule is that only kids can see him, the kids’ dad briefly gains the ability to see him (and mistakes him for a soft toy) after playing dolls with Olivia, while Liam’s entire theater group can see him at all times, pretty much confirming that it’s more to do with mindset than physical age (Weesh suggests that community theater actors never really grow up). Mondegreen: Courtesy of Tate, who can’t quite get the hang of “Feliz Navidad”. Tate: Fleas on my dog! Prospero ba felicidad! note “A happy, prosperous bathroom”. Fake Bags

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It’s apparently a self inflicted hell that they need to be snapped out of by someone outside. Then the person can reincarnate to have another chance. Tastes Like Friendship: Christy and Annie are sharing sandwiches the day they meet in the beginning and also when they’re reincarnated at the end.

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Love Makes You Crazy: Kouji and Izumi aren’t entirely stable when it comes to each other, but the worst example is probably Izumi’s parents, since his mother killed his father for cheating on her, and his father smiled while she did it. Love Martyr: At one point Kouji cuts off his own left arm so that his family will leave Izumi alone. The Masochism Tango: Kouji and Izumi’s Masochism Tango is more like a full length ballet, and it seems to run in Izumi’s family, since his mother killed his father for cheating on him, then killed herself twelve years later.

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