They want us to be ‘dude’ in what we are already beginner now

Pankit Gami from L.E. College, Morbi , shares his internship experience at  YoloPerks.

About  you :

I am Pankit Gami, a guy who wants to explore the unexplored path. I am in final year of life’s awesome part i.e. college.

What inspired or motivated you to do internship.

From beginning of my college days, I went to different entrepreneurial programs. And I always heard about the stories of entrepreneurial journey of different entrepreneur. So I wanted to face those challenges and learn more about entrepreneurship. We all learn lots of things in college but we don’t know how to use those things. I too faced this problem. And best way to apply those things is by practicing those things. So I am doing this internship to apply my learning and to learn more.

What kind of internship were you looking for?

There is a saying “Hard time in your life teaches you more than good time.”  And any start-up is like bag of hard time. So I always wanted to join a start-up. So I can learn more.

How was your interview experience??

I got a call on the same day, I had applied. It was very quick (I hadn’t expected that). On the day of interview I travelled all along from Surat to Ahmedabad. In interview room, I fumbled. It was my 1s job interview. Though I fumbled, it goes quite well. At first I could answer a technical question in spite of knowing their answers. Then they gave me a practical test, which goes well. And I got selected. This is how my professional journey started!! ;)

What were you looking forward to in this internship?

I join this internship to learn more about current technologies, to learn about leadership, to take experience in what I know (As per saying of our CEO, They want us to be ‘dude’ in what we are already beginner now).

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One comment on “They want us to be ‘dude’ in what we are already beginner now

  1. Vidit Shah July 4, 2015 7:02 am

    Pankit is a gem of a person and we are really happy with his work. Thanks to interestship we could find such an amazing intern!

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