The day wakes me up or rather my lazy lousy self as I curse myself for being late to work. And just as I enter ,  it warmly welcomes me in its lap , Venture Studio,  just like it  does  to  the many other enthusiasts and I gleefully spot him ,Dhruv Gupta , Founder of ProfiledSkin and  entrepreneur of today (pun intended) , chirping and chewing with his colleagues.

As I approach him ” Can i interview you?”  he was like ” Chalo idhar hi bat kar lete hai!”  taking me by surprise cause there were a bunch of people around. And here goes the tale…of a teacher by heart and entrepreneur by mind.

” It all began during my masters at DAIICT . The idea clicked me because it was a big problem.” , says he , remembering the get-set-go mark .

” And once  I realised  what all I don’t want to do including academics and PhD , i was clear about what I wanted to pursue. And my mom always insisted to do business in ‘roti, kapda,makan’ the three basic needs. So there I was with an idea in clothing sector.” , he remarks , with  usual ease , traveling back in timeline when this was just an idea and there was a lot to come .

And how the elimination method came to his rescue is something that never left my mind cause I had a tough time solving sums in 8th grade. But now I look forward to applying it when faced through something similar. Effective isn’t it!!

And about his landing at Venture Studio he says , ” VS is an incubator which focuses on usability of product and not only its devlopment . This helped me a lot as it was my weak aspect. I was rather strong on technical front .I storyboarded for nearly two months fitting in my product in each story and drawing out comic straps.” , he reflects. Now that was quite a creative and unique way of sorting out things.But  ya  it  does  need  a  tough intellect and will power alike guarded with i cans and i can’ts.




And as we go on talking about his customers , the market and how much ready  the  market  is  to  accept  his  product  I  can’t  help  but  adore  the  knowledge  in  him. Undoubtedly yes I have heard quite  a  lot  as  to  he  can  speak  on  any  damn  topic  and  he  is  a  live  encyclopedia  but  today  I  was  actually  witnessing  it. And  at  a  point  of  time  he  says “ Teaching  is  my  hobby. I love  to  work  and  interact  with  bright  young  minds.” , and  though  the  playfulness in  him  is  quite  a  contrast  his  thoughts  remind  me  of  our  late  president  Dr. Kalam and  the  way  he  encouraged  students.


“The  other  day  I  visited  my  sister’s  college  I  asked  her  professor  as  to  why  don’t  they  fail  students  because  I  believe  the  earlier  and  the  more  you  fail  is  proportional  to  the  heights  you  catch  up  with. It’s  better  to  fail  and  realise  your  mistake  today  then  go on  for  months  only  to  realise  the  depth  of  ditch  you  are  caught  up in.”


And  as  I  quip  him  about  his  mistakes  ,his  learnings  pat  comes  the  reply, “ Mistakes  lot, learnings  enormous”. And  only  when   I insist he says,” Once I had a  guy  from  Silicon  Valley  

And  he  found  this  idea  really  amazing  and  he  offered  me  2 million  dollars . And  I  refused.” And  I just  sit   there  with  a  shocking  expression  as  to  a  guy  saying  no to  jackkkkppoottt!!


Going  further  he  explains  as  to  how  he  wants  his  investors  to  know  and  understand  his  products . “ Our  first  client  as  an  entrepreneur  is  the  one  who  moulds  our  product !”, he says . “ Sharp sense” , I taste.


With IP (Intellectual property) as  a  challenge  to  be  solved  , they are half way through the journey and  the  product  is  all  set  to  launch  in  coming 3 months. Talking  about  ProfiledSkin  he  says , “ It  is  a  platform  where  you  just  need  to  click  certain  picture  of   yours  and  your  correct  size is  predicted  and  submitted  to  the  seller. You  just   have  to  wait  for  your  clothes  to  be  shipped  and  they  are  definitely  going  to  be  your  size, your   type. We  will also  come  up  with  Virtual Trial Room  and  there  is  a  lot  going  on  in  the  pipeline.” Now  that  is  something  definitely  cool .  After  all  we  can  finally  get  those  designer  dresses  without  a  second   thought !!


And  talking  about  how  supportive  his  parents  are  regarding  this he   jolts , “ They  are  very  supportive  since  the  beginning  and   I  always  have  their  back . They  have  given  me  freedom  to  fail  and  now  my  mom  is  out  looking  for  a  bride .” , and  we  have  a  good  laugh  at  the  last  remark ! Though  silently  I  know  that  he  has  parents  from  the  cooler  lot.


And  just   as  I  go  on  with  this  conversation  ,  a  friend  from  background  remarks “wooo mann !! she  has  lots  of  questions”  And  I  decide  to  end  it  there  taking  back  with  me  all  the  lessons  and  laughters  and  jitters  which  the  talk    prospered  me  with ! A  teacher  can  definitely  keep  you  going and  that  is  what  he  is  – AN  ENTREPRENEUR  FOR  A  DROP  BUT  A  TEACHER  FOR  AN  OCEAN . And  this  happened  to  be  pure   stroke  of  luck  and  destiny , a  coincidence ,  I reflect  on  my  way  back , a  conversation  with  him  as  we  near  Teacher’s Day ..!!



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