‘While I think they are similar in a lot of ways they both have

She’s talked fashion with Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent, helped to launch Helmut Lang’s career and worked for and eventually against the magazine matriarch herself Anna Wintour.Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Betts shares what life was like in the fashion scene the grit and the glamour ahead of the release of her tell all memoir, ‘My Paris Dream’.’It was a different place then. Paris fashion was it’s own universe it was about Saint Laurent, Lagerfield, Christian Lacroix the kings of Paris dressing society ladies,’ Betts told Daily Mail Australia.During her years in Paris, Betts worked for John Fairchild, publisher of Women’s Wear Daily trade journal.’We were given a lot of access to the big designers and couturiers. It was an elite world, but once you were in that world, you knew the players,’ she said.’I met Saint Laurent at the end of his career, he had a strong presence but it was a poignant time to see someone like him who had contributed so much to French fashion but who was vulnerable with health problems andwaning,’ she said.In contrast, Betts recalls the Chanel King, Lagerfeld, engaged and engaging, a contrast to his serious exterior.Climbing the ranks: Betts ended up back in New York at Vogue under Anna Wintour, but soon became her rival when she was made editor of Harper’s Bazaar’We weren’t really covering him because people couldn’t see why he was important as a t shirt designer, but I could relate to him, he was making clothes I would wear,’ she said.Not long after, her journalist hunch paid off and Vogue’s Anna Wintour herself reached out to Betts, who was still in Paris at the time.’I realised I was never going to belong 100 per cent or be Parisian, I felt there was something alienating about it so in order to keep my dream alive I had to let go of it and go back to New York,’ she said.Once in the Vogue office, she settled in as fashion director under the reigns of Wintour.But unlike Meryl Streep’s famous persona in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ movie, Betts recalls Wintour giving her complete freedom during her time at Vogue and had no qualms with the matriarch.’I came from Fairchild worked who was a much tougher boss,’ she said.’While I think they are similar in a lot of ways they both have high expectations of themselves and those who worked for them, Anna gave me a homepage https://www.replicawest.com lot of freedom.”That movie was much after I left so perhaps it was a different place by then but I had a great time working there, I was very lucky,’ she said.In an ironic twist though, only a few years later, she ditched the safety net of Vogue to take the reigns at rival magazine Harper’s Bazaar.’I was young, and it was the only time any editor got to change it as radically as I did, but it was hard to replace someone as iconic as Liz Tilberis it was a tough but a great experience.’Now, she’s left the magazine industry, is a contributing editor of Times Magazine andupholds an esteemed freelance writing career alongside a content company..

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