WISHING   HIM  A  POST  HAPPY  TEACHER’S  DAY  –  a talk  with  Deep Patel,CEO , InterestShip

As I lie on  my  bed  gorging  on  memories , ‘INTERESTSHIP’  happens  to  be  one  of  my  fondest. 3 months  ago , I merely  knew  this  place – VENTURE STUDIO , and  now   it  has   become  a  part  of  my  routine . And  more  than  anything  it  has  been  a  rejuvenating  place , a  place  where  I  forget  all the  worries  and  explore  the   best  part  of  myself . So  undoubtedly yes , I  just  find  reasons  to  come  here . My journey started  with  a  single  friend  cum  roomie cum co-worker, Namrata Mashru (who  is  definitely  one  of  the  major  reasons  of  my  being  here)  and  CEO of  INTERESTSHIP , Deep  Patel (the  other  major  reason why I am here)  to  today  where  I  have  multiple  friends  (who  occupy  an  entire  lunch  table !!) and Deep Patel , who  has  been  a  mentor , a guide .



So when I was told  to  write  my  next  blog  I was  like  ‘How  about  wishing  him a POST  HAPPY  TEACHER’S  DAY’ . And  though  I  have  closely  watched  him  work  relentlessly on  INTERESTSHIP  since  the   past  90  days I  interviewed  him  to know  what  INTERESTSHIP had  been  to   where  it  will be  soon ?


And  his  journey  is  that  of  a   small  town  guy  yearning  to  make  it  big  in  the  world  out  there . “ I wanted  to do  something  on  my  own  since  college .” , he  says  and  endearingly  I  reflect  upon  the  fact  that  Ahmedabad  has  been  a  city  of  dreams  for  many  alike  me . It  is  a  city  of  dreams  for  many  alike  me. It  is  a  city  with  ample  in  it’s  lap ; a city  where  you  can  definitely  make  a  rags-to-riches  story . Quitting his  job  and  coming  to  Venture Studio  was  a  major  jaunt  which  led to  an  idea  then  and  INTERESTSHIP  now.

“ I  was  working  on  a  different  idea  along with  INTERESTSHIP  which  was  then  a  team  of  3  including  Prajwal , Shreyansh  and  me. But  then  giving  up  on  the  other  one  , I solely  devoted  myself  to  INTERESTSHIP !” , he  says  recollecting  those  on  your  mark  counts . And  off  he  rode  on  a  journey  of  self-discovery , of  ups  and  downs , of  learnings , of  success  and  failures  and  much  more . Not  only  the  people  he  met  but  all in  all the  entire  journey  is  a  teacher. And  funny  it  is  ,  how  these  events  sum  up  into  our  life – THE GREATEST  TEACHER !!


Initially  started  with  an  aim  of  finding  domain  of  interests  of  students , INTERESTSHIP  today  helps  them  find  great  domain  related  internships  too .” Initially the  response  was  not  that  great   due  to  marketing  problems  but  it  started  growing  soon.”, he  says  and  I  understand  that  ‘It’s  better  to  fall  and  get  hit  at  the  very  first  step.’ This  used  to  be  the  time  where  they  met  the  deans, principals  and  students and  explored  as  to  how  to   go  about  the  idea.


And  an  obvious  question pops up ‘How  encouraging  were  the  colleges?’  to which he  replies, “ This  is  a  problem  which we  are  facing  even  currently.  The  colleges  in  gujarat    don’t  encourage  internships  and  students  are  allowed  a  short  duration  to  do  the  same  which   is  a  major  setback  when  it   comes  to  placement  as  they  are  afresh  and  untrained.  Though  some  of  the  private  colleges  were  quite  encouraging  about  the  same.” And   I  reflect  upon  the  fact  of  how  stuck  up  we  still  are  with  the  bookish  and  ancient  education  system. With  the  world  progressing  by  leaps  and  bounds and  being  run  by  4G , with   practical  knowledge  being  the  top  notch  industrial  demand  we  force  upon  our  students  to  study  2G.


And  I  quip  him  about  the  hurdles  he  tripped  by , “ Many!” comes  the  monosyllabic  reply  which  goes  into  detailing  as  in “ The  orientation  of  internships  back  then  was  a  challenge. At  that  time  students  used  to  pay  to  get  trained  and  educating  them  about  this  thing  was  a  major  challenge. The  second  one  being  the  bureaucracy  of  colleges. Many  colleges  were  not  open to  internships  for  reasons  of  their  own. And  they  still  need  to  be  more  open  about  the  idea ” , he  says  with  a  sigh and  I  can’t  help  but  conclude   that  channelising  stuck  mindset  is  the BIGGEST  CHALLENGE.


But  come  September 2015 ,  and  things  started   going  rough . With Shreyansh  and  Prajwal  leaving  INTERESTSHIP , things  started  going  haywire. The  team  had  to  be  cut  down  and  things  took  a  halt  because of  resource  shortage. But  the  clouds  that  banish  the  sun  can’t  stop  the sunshine  ;  come  January  and  they  reached  their  targets  quite  well.


Pondering  over  the  mistakes he  says , “ Always  do  a  co-founder’s  agreement ….yeah  always  do  that . And  when  working  in  a  team  be  open  to  criticize  as  well as  to   get  criticized. Be  selective  about  your  team !”


And  he  goes  on  to  add, “ Never  ever  fall in  love  with  your  idea. Circumstances can be ,  if  not  for  you  but  for  your product, that  it  needs  to  be  changed  or  modified  or  flipped.”


“And  how  does  INTERESTSHIP  stand  out  from  amongst  the  crowd?”  to  which  he  says,

“We  provide  INTEREST  BASED  INTERNSHIPS. Here  the  student  as  well  as  the  company  can  create  their  profiles. We  recommend  certain  internships  to  students  based  on their  domain  as  well  as  we   don’t  blindly  handover  their  resumes  to  the  companies. We  instead  filter  it  out  for  them  based  on  skill-set  and  interests. We  are  open  to   extending  the  platform  to  schools  also  apart  from  colleges.”



And  I  end  with  the  cliched  yet  stunning  question “Where  do  you  see  INTERESTSHIP in  the  coming  decade?” and  he  answers  “We  are  off  on  our  journey  and  about  to  expand the  venture. We  are  improving  upon  our  loop holes  every  single  time  we  fall.” , definitely!! I  sigh  wondering  how  big  that  day  will  be  to  see  his  venture  which  is  now  a  dream  of  many turn   into  a  successful  company.


With  this  our  talk   and  my 90  days  journey  comes  to  an  end. A  journey  which  taught  me  to  pursue  no  matter  what , to  EXPLORE , LEARN AND GROW . And  I  can’t  be  more  thankful  that  INTERESTSHIP  happened  because  it  brought  along  with  it  happiness, cheers , laughters, celebrations, talks on  wisdom and life. It  taught me  to  dream, dream  with  open  eyes  because  it  is  no  one  but  we  ourselves  who  can  fulfill them. All in  all  it  taught  me  to  love  myself  and  be  thankful  for  the  gifted  person  I  am  because  we  are  all gifted. It  taught  me  to  count  my  blessings and  that  the  simple  things  in  life- friends , food, a  rooftop, rains and  of course  dalwadas  are  which  sum  up  the  most  precious  things  we  call  memories. I  thank  you  for  all this  , Deep Patel , and  much  more – for  being a  mentor , a guide , a teacher  you were more  than  a  leader. And  with  this  three cheers  for  INTERESTSHIP – “HIP,HIP,HURRAY!!”

3 comments on “WISHING   HIM  A  POST  HAPPY  TEACHER’S  DAY  –  a talk  with  Deep Patel,CEO , InterestShip

  1. priyanshi September 10, 2016 5:53 pm

    Gr8 written …..

  2. Deep September 11, 2016 5:04 am

    Brilliantly articulated piece.
    In my experience, i have come across many stories but i fell in love with none!!
    But when i came across your first one, mind blown! (I had decided i am not editing your work! ☺)
    You have an amazing talent! Way to go Drasti Shah
    Wish you all the best!

  3. Kartik Dhokai September 11, 2016 8:21 am

    Long way to go for both of You @Deep Patel & @Drashti… #Superb

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